Appeal on MACP for Teachers



12 thoughts on “Appeal on MACP for Teachers

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  2. sir,
    when one autonomous body accepts 6 CPC for scale and accepts WACP for particular section it is against natural justice to deny to another section.
    thank you
    yours sincerely
    V. Padmanabhan

  3. gd morning sir
    you raise the point very strongly. my self a work experience teacher from 1995 in KV Gauchar Chamoli Uttrakhand. some recomdations AAC for promoting MISC teacher in kv, but no action taken till date. IS it true or fake information for promoting MISC teachers.
    gd day sir
    k.V Gauchar chamoli 9720411766

  4. sir
    one Query for you sir
    can a senior music teacher among the primeery teacher could be the incharge of primery wing or its discrienery power of principal.
    k v gauchar

  5. sir
    can senior most music tracher could be the inchar of primery wing or depend principal discrition.
    rajesh kv gauchar

  6. The AIKVTA should file a case in the CAT against the denial of MACP to the Teaching staff while the same is being sanctioned to the Non Teaching Staff.
    MACP should be sanctioned to all Teachers who do not possess higer qualifications than the requrements of their particular post.
    The purpose of MACP is for higer scale to those teachers who do not have the higer qualifications for promotion to the higher post after a period of service in their respective posts – either after 12/24 years of service in the same post as was followed earlier or after a period of 10/20/30 years of service in the same post as per the recommendations of the 6th Pay Commission.
    TGT Science ( Retd.)

  7. sir
    i represent to the honourable assistant commissinor of lko region that some of the TGTs (subject teachers) are junior to me but drawing more pay scale than me and i should be given the same scale but office of RO lko refused to grant the scale and suggest me that if any TGT(PHE) or my cader teacher drowingmore mor pay than me than wil see. i

    NPSingh TGT(PHE)

    kv mati akaberpur RAMABAINAGAR

  8. Dear Friends,
    I wish to inform you all that if GOI accept MACP for KVS teachers with ENTRY GRADE of PRT teachers 4600/- instead of the present 4200/-.
    Post, Entry Grade, After 10yrs+, After 20yrs+, After 30yrs+,
    PRT, 4600, 4800, 5400, 6600
    TGT, 4800, 5400, 6600, 7600
    PGT,5400, 6600, 7600, 8700
    VP , 6600, 7600, 8700, 8900
    PR , 7600, 8700, 8900, 10000 (Equivalent to grade given to education officer in MACP.)

  9. pondicherry Teachers also not yet received the MACP, still we fight with the state government there is no response.if you give one Rupee in time it is great than Ten rupees after his death. Anybody
    knows it,nothing always late late late

  10. i want to know an expected time to have macp,so that many of our kv family (teacher) will be benefited,i have completed 31, years of service but it is very much painful to say that many yoga teacher,like me did not get, senior scale nor selection scale. so please represent my views to the other,& try to do some thing for betterment of ourselves.

    thanking you D.K.NANDY

  11. In the Order of priorities:
    1.The extention of working hours orders should be taken back
    2.MCAPS agitation should become dynamic
    4.Five day week

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