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A study of actual work output of a Kendriya Vidyalaya Teacher in a day

A study of actual work output of a Kendriya Vidyalaya Teacher in a day is given here under.
 This is prepared as per the existing norms of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sanga than



Time Calculation

Actual Time Per Day


Prepartion 5 Classes/Subject X 30 Mts per Subject
4 x 30 Mts = 120 Mts

120 Mts


Computer Aided
30 Mts X 5 Plans per Week
ie 30 X 5   = 25 Mts

25 Mts


Teacher’s Diary 30 Mts X 5 Plans per month
ie 30 X 5   = 6 Mts

6 Mts


FA – 1 & FA – 3    
Question Paper
2 X 60 Mts per Question paper
2 X 60 = 120 Mts

8 Mts

Blue print and
Answer Key
2 X 30 Mts per Question paper
2 X 30 = 60 Mts
Type Setting and
2 X 90 Mts per Question Paper
2 X 90 = 180 Mts
Evaluation 2 X 45 students X 15 Mts per answer sheets
2 X 45 X 15 =1350 mts
Tabulation 2 X 40 = 80 Mts
Total 1790     = 8 Mts


FA – 2 & FA – 4    
Preparation of Activities 2 X 60 Mts per Activity X 4 Activity
2 X 60 X 4 = 480 Mts

290 Mts

Execution of Each Activity 2 X 40 Mts per Activity X 4 periods X 45 students
2 X 40 X 4 X 4 X 45   = 57600      =262 Mts
              220                       220
Evaluation 2 X 45 students X 15 Mts per activity X 4 Activity
2 X 45 X 15  X 4 =5400 mts
Tabulation 2 X 30 X 4 = 240 Mts
Total 63720     = 290 Mts


SA – 1 & SA – 2    
Question Paper
2 X 120 Mts per Question paper
2 X 120 = 240 Mts

15 Mts

Blue print and
Answer Key
2 X 90 Mts per Question paper
2 X 90 = 180 Mts
Type Setting and
2 X 90 Mts per Question Paper
2 X 90 = 180 Mts
Evaluation 2 X 45 students X 30 Mts per answer sheets
2 X 45 X 30 =2700 mts
Tabulation 2 X 40 = 80 Mts
Total 3380     = 15 Mts


Remedial Classes 30 Mts X 5 classes per week
30 X 5   =25 Mts

25 Mts


Teaching Time  

240 Mts

PRT ‘ S 39 X 40  = 1560
TGT’ S 36 X 40 = 1440
PGT ‘ S 33 X  40 = 1320
Average 1560 + 1440 + 1320   = 240
                 6 x 3


Arrangement Periods Minium 4 periods per week X 40 Mts
40 X 4 X 4   = 25 Mts

25 Mts


Progress Report 30 Mts per Progress report X 45 students X 2 Terms
30 X 45 X 2  = 12 Mts

12 Mts


CCE Co Scholastic Grading 10 Grades X 45 Students X 30 Minutes
 10 X 45 X  30   = 61 Mts

61 Mts

Tabulation 10 Grades X 45 Students X 15 Minutes
10 X 45 X  15   = 31 Mts

31 Mts



Morning Assembly – 15 Mts

35 Mts

House Activity  – 10 Mts
Attendance & Fee Collection – 5 Mts
Re – Test  – 5 Mts


Staff Meeting

60 mts X 12 Months
60 X 12    = 3mts

3 Mts


Subject Committee Meeting

90 mts X 12 Months
90 X 12    = 5 Mts

5 Mts



901    = 15 Hrs

Working Hours per Week = 15 X 6 = 90 Hrs





More Hardships Ahead for Teachers

Our demands

  1.  With draw the decision taken regarding extension of working hours and implementation of eight period time table
  2. Extend Modified Assured Career Progression(MACP) scheme
  3. Extend CGHS facility
  4. Grant of Earned Leave in addition to HPL
  5. Rectify pay anomalies
  6. Conversion of CPF to GPF         

Dear Friend,
KendriyaVidyalaya Sangathan has once again come out with an anti-teacher approach through the proposed implementation of a new policy adopted through the new office memorandum dated 12.02.2012. The 38th Academic Advisory Committee meeting recommended an increase in the existing working hours of teachers by an hour and twenty minutes. As a result of it, teacher’s working hours will become 7 hours 30 minutes a day. The rationale on which the decision was taken to effect this increase, seems illogical and unreasonable. The profession of teaching can, in no way, be compared with any other profession. Most surprisingly and annoyingly, KVS is equating all teachers with other workforce without exactly assessing the workload on a teacher, especially after the implementation of CCE.
RTE ACT 2009
RTE Act 2009 is an educational package adopted by the Parliament for implementation in all schools across the country. This package encompasses many features which require to be fulfilled before the implementation of what is envisaged in RTE Act 2009. Among them include infrastructural development, strict adherence to the teacher student ratio of 1:30 & 1:35 in the primary and upper-primary sections respectively (Part II Schedule, item no 1(a) and (b)), and enhanced pay package for teachers, provision for midday meal for students etc. KVS has taken a parochial approach to these highlights of RTE Act 2009 and pitch-forked the implementation of the eight period time table schedule before ensuring that the ground facilities have been done for its meaningful and effective implementation. The newly introduced work pattern demands every teacher to spend an additional of 1 hour and 20 minutes in the school. It means that the teacher has to be in the school for 7 hours 30 minutes. What seems to be more outlandish is that KVS has adopted its own version of teacher- student ratio (1:40&1:35 in the primary and upper primary sections respectively) showing total disregard and disrespect to the very spirit of RTE Act 2009. The proposal mooted regarding the case when the class strength exceeds 50 students, is that contractual teachers shall be appointed and that their payment made out of school fund. But the dubious legacy with KVS is that promises are given in plenty. Sadly enough, even those promises given in the past are waiting endlessly on the wings.
Eight Period Time Table and its fall-out
The present 9 period schedule of working has got each teaching period of 35 minutes duration. Now, this work schedule stands completely changed. Each teaching period has got duration of 40minutes except the 1st and 5th periods (45 minutes). Predictably, the new time table will create surplus teachers because the allotment of periods to different categories of teachers remains the same. i.e. every PGT will get 33 teaching periods, TGT 36 periods and PRT 39 periods per week respectively. This decision of changing the work schedule of the teachers was unilaterally taken at the top. The teaching community of KVS was in the dark about the proposed introduction of this work schedule. Undeniably, all the teachers working with KVS are an inalienable part of the organization called KVS. When there is a decision to be taken, pertaining to the teachers, it is the teachers whose opinion is to be sought first on the matter. In this context, it is not to be forgotten that KVS has always been in the limelight because of the unselfish and unstinted work and commitment of every member of this teaching community. The most contentious point regarding the
allocation of teaching periods is that every primary teacher, when allocated with 39 teaching periods, will get seven teaching periods each for 3 days and 6 teaching periods each for the remaining three days. Besides this backbreaking-share of 39 teaching periods, a teacher gets substitution periods when another teacher will be on leave. In sum, a primary teacher will fully be engaged without getting any breathing-space once the school starts functioning. Another thing to be noted here is that we have a brief recess of only 20 minutes. As per KVS Circular F.No.110333/1/2011-KVS HQ (Acad) Circular 27 dated 17.02.12 serial nos 12,13 wherever Sanskrit TGTs do not fulfill their requisite/allotted quota of period in upper primary/secondary sections the balance period will be adjusted by allotting teaching periods of Hindi. The same way PGTs those who do not have requisite/allotted period balance periods will be adjusted in the upper primary classes respectively. This will make many senior teachers surplus will be transferred to remote areas. So it should be withdrawn with immediate effect.
State government schools and Delhi government schools are working for 6 hours with one hour recess. KVS alone has got the work schedule of 6 hours 10 minutes with the recess duration of 20 minutes a day. Aggravating this predicament, the proposed implementation will result in an increase of another 1 hour and 20 minutes. Attached with this notice is a study report of the workload on every teacher. This report, prepared on the basis of the existing time schedule of 6hours 10minutes, shows that every KV teacher is working more than 45 hours a week, (to be precise, 94 hours per week. See the study report). RTE Act 2009 also stipulates the same duration of working hours for the teachers. So it is not required to increase the working hours from 6hours 10 minutes to 7hours 30 minutes.
Five days a week
All the central government offices including KVS, regional and headquarters are working five days a week. Mentionably, all the private schools affiliated to CBSE are also working five days a week. KVS alone has got a different work schedule. Even the primary students are confined in the class rooms for a long duration of 6hours and 10 minutes six days a week. It shows the extent of apathy that KVS shows towards the emotional and psychological growth of the children. The teachers also have to work six days a week. This is in gross violation the children’s right.
Agitation, the only way-out
In the light of the proposed implementation of the KVS version of RTE Act which is nothing short of the case of tying the cart before the horse, AIKVTA has decided to register its protest against its implementation at national level. Observe 16th March 2012 as BLACK DAY and conduct protest meetings and sit-in dharnas in front of the Vidyalayas. As part of the agitational programme in Trivandrum city, all the teachers of the KendriyaVidyalayas in the Trivandrum cluster will conduct a protest march, gagging their mouth from the Office of the Accountant General to General Post Office junction at 3 O’ clock in the evening on 16th March 2012.
Date: 12.03.2012 N.Sadanandan
Regional Secretary, AIKVTA, Chennai Region
Mob: 9446663180

Withdraw the increase in working hours
Enhanced pay package
Rectify the pay anomalies
Implement five working days a week
Restore Earned Leave
Extend Modified Assured Career Progression(MACP) scheme
Extend CGHS facility